Woolworths Group and The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) have joined forces to launch an ambitious program aimed at reducing emissions. This exciting initiative can be found in Woolworths’ latest Sustainability Report. As part of the program, 55 suppliers from Australia and New Zealand were invited to participate, allowing them to prioritize their own emissions reduction efforts while providing valuable insights for Woolworths to determine key focus areas.

The program incorporates the use of THESIS, a science-based decision tool, to capture emissions data accurately and effectively. This collaboration with TSC enables Woolworths to make informed decisions based on scientific research and data analysis. After a thorough trial period, Woolworths plans to progressively expand the program, giving all suppliers the opportunity to participate in an annual cycle of measurement and improvement.

This collaborative effort involves close partnership with suppliers, industry stakeholders, and government entities. Together, they aim to identify short-term emission reduction opportunities throughout the value chain, while also addressing long-term challenges that may require additional support and innovative solutions. The insights gained from this program will form the basis of Woolworths’ comprehensive emissions reduction strategy, which will be detailed in future reports.