Our trained service providers apply years of industry and consulting experience to help suppliers answer THESIS and improve their THESIS scores year over year.


Trained Service Providers are experienced sustainability expert consultants with specialized training in THESIS content, KPIs, and methodology. Services they offer include:

Hands on assistance preparing for and completing THESIS assessments

Design and implementation of strategies and programs

Methodology, data collection, analytics, and verification of KPIs

Risk management and performance improvement plans, tailored to your needs and resources

Streamlining data collection year over year

Stakeholder management and engagement


Each TSP has their own expertise based on THESIS product categories. If you would like to be connected to a TSP to learn more, please fill out the intake form. This form will be reviewed by TSC and will be sent to the appropriate TSPs with expertise in your industry and they will be in touch with you to have a separate discussion.

Lisa Becker

Lisa Becker

Manager | Pinion

Contact: lisa.becker@pinionglobal.com

Inspired to drive innovation throughout the food and agriculture industry, Lisa lends her credentials as a CPA to bring value to companies seeking sustainability services. She combines her skills in accounting, business advising and strategic planning with her passion for sustainability consulting. This results in successful, long-term and value-add sustainability programs that meet both internal needs and the needs of company stakeholders.

Valerie Bone

Valerie Bone

Sustainability Consultant | VB Consulting LLC

Contact: valerie@vb.consulting

Consulting consumer brands and suppliers regarding sustainability strategy, plus tools, reporting and coaching for social and environmental sustainability improvement.  Providing 20 years of experience in business-oriented sustainability achievement. 

Ammi Borenstein

Ammi Borenstein

Principal | Snaplinc Consulting

Contact: Ammi@SnaplincConsulting.com

After spending 25 years in the apparel industry I realized that it was time to think about how the industry could do better. My team and I focus on corporate ESG with a specialization in apparel.

Carol Crawford

Carol Crawford

Senior Consultant | WMEP Manufacturing Solutions

Contact: crawford@wmep.org

Carol became a TSC trained service providers to help clients optimize their efforts as they progress along their sustainability journey.

Philippa Cross

Philippa Cross

Founder/Principal| Marshall Sustainability

Contact: pip@marshallsustainability.com

Sustainability strategist with 20 years’ experience in consumer goods products. Formerly of Unilever and Ben & Jerry’s with a Masters in Sustainability from the University of Cambridge.  Philippa and her team leverage their in-house experiences to help clients meet their disclosure requirements. We support you through data strategy, collection, and analysis – let us help you take your performance from good to great!


Louis DeMaso

Louis DeMaso

Sustainability Manager | Pinion

Contact: louis.demaso@pinionglobal.com

With experience building and managing sustainability programs in the food/beverage and agriculture industry, Louis understands the challenges faced by agricultural producers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies. He works with growers, processors, retailers, investors, non-profits, and industry associations to provide actionable insights and develop tailored solutions that solve sustainability challenges and create lasting value.

Jennifer Doran-Pena

Jennifer Doran-Pena

Consultant, Doran Solutions

Contact: jennifer@doransolutions.com

Focused on achieving purpose-driven impact, Jennifer specializes in building cross-functional teams, engaging stakeholders, staff/contractor training, and obtaining internal/external buy-in essential for successful corporate sustainability efforts. She leverages 20+ years evaluation experience to help companies across retail sectors overcome data collection/management challenges and optimize their THESIS involvement. 



Naomi Erdenebaatar

Naomi Erdenebaatar

Sustainability Analyst | EcoVadis

Contact: nerdenebaatar@ecovadis.com

Passionate about sustainability and data-driven solutions, Naomi Erdenebaatar is a dedicated Sustainability Analyst with expertise in sustainable procurement, data analysis, and carbon emission reduction.

Gregory Gasper

Gregory Gasper

Director, Sustainability Services | WMEP Manufacturing Solutions

Contact: gasper@wmep.org

Gregory is a TSC Trained Service Provider, participating in the inaugural training session conducted by TSC in 2017. He has vast experience providing consultative services in strategic sustainability systems development for a wide variety of organizations that report their results to TSC or other reporting organizations, with specialized experience including greenhouse gas calculation, water balance calculation and social accountability structure.

Marissa Miller

Marissa Miller

Consultant | Anthesis Group

Contact: marissa.miller@anthesisgroup.com

Marissa Miller works to combine her love of art and fashion with sustainable practices that nurture business, people and the planet.  


Stewart Rassier

Stewart Rassier

Founder and Principal Consultant | Responsible Impact Group

Contact: Stewart@responsibleimpactgroup.com

Stewart brings big ideas to life through practical tools and compelling insights that are grounded in 17 years of corporate responsibility experience.  Working with leading companies from adidas to Walmart, Stewart accelerates a company’s understanding of their sustainability impact and creates concrete next steps to act responsibly.

Previously, Stewart has advised and trained companies, nonprofits and foundations in North America, Europe and the Middle East as the Head of Sustainability Strategy at thinkPARALLAX, the Director of Executive Education at the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship, the Regional Head of North America at AccountAbility and as a Director at Saatchi & Saatchi Sustainability.  Stewart is a graduate of the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.


Lou Tarricone

Lou Tarricone

Senior Advisor | Pure Strategies


Do TSC Trained Service Providers work for TSC?

No. TSC Trained Service Providers are independent. Some work for large service providers and consultancies or some may run their own business.  

TSC Trained Service Providers pay TSC to complete the training and maintain their badge annually. They are not obligated to complete any work for nor are they paid by TSC. 

What is the rate to hire a TSC Trained Service Provider?

Rates vary by service provider. Please inquire directly with a TSC Trained Service Provider or fill out the intake form if you are interested in their services.

Email addresses for all Trained Service Providers are provided on our TSC Trained Service Providers webpage. 

Will TSC Trained Service Provider be able to consult on non-THESIS work?

 Scope of work is determined between trained service providers and individual organizations.   

TSC is not involved in these discussions. 

Are you interested in becoming a Trained Service Provider?