The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) is thrilled to announce the appointment of three distinguished individuals to its board, each bringing a wealth of experience and expertise in sustainability practices.

Join us in extending a warm welcome to Roian Atwood, Daryl Sabourin, and Ryan Vroegindewey, who are set to play pivotal roles in steering TSC towards new heights of environmental and social impact.

Roian Atwood: Driving ESG Excellence

Roian Atwood, the Director of ESG Data Analytics at Ahold Delhaize USA, the largest grocery retail group on the East Coast, brings a wealth of knowledge in sustainability analytics and corporate reporting to TSC. Leading high-priority projects to enhance ESG data accuracy and reporting cadence, Atwood’s extensive background in managing sustainable product development and supply chains makes him a valuable addition to the board. As an Executive-in-Residence and Lecturer at Wake Forest University, Atwood actively contributes to sustainability education and research.

Daryl Sabourin: A Veteran Leader in Sustainability

Daryl Sabourin, a retired Major from the United States Marine Corps, joins the TSC board with an impressive background in environmental science and a passion for sustainability. With extensive experience in aviation and environmental affairs, Sabourin has successfully transitioned from a distinguished military career to a leadership role at ASR Group, where he currently holds the title of Sr. Director, Sustainability. His commitment to sustainable practices is underscored by a Master of Science degree in Environmental Science and a recent Doctor of Management with a focus on Environmental and Social Sustainability.

Ryan Vroegindewey: A Thought Leader in Sustainable Agriculture

Ryan Vroegindewey, recognized for his contributions to sustainable agriculture, rounds out the trio of new TSC board members. With a background in sustainable sourcing and agricultural innovation, Vroegindewey has helped to drive positive change in the industry. As the Associate Director of Sustainable Agriculture at Campbell Soup Company, he brings valuable insights into building resilient and sustainable supply chains that benefit both the environment and communities.

As The Sustainability Consortium continues its mission to drive positive environmental and social change globally, the addition of these three accomplished leaders to the board signifies a strategic move towards innovation and excellence in sustainable practices. Their collective expertise will undoubtedly contribute to the advancement of TSC’s mission and the broader sustainability landscape.

We look forward to the invaluable contributions of Daryl Sabourin, Roian Atwood, and Ryan Vroegindewey as they embark on this exciting journey with The Sustainability Consortium. Together, we are committed to shaping a more sustainable future for generations to come.