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Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Optional Ag Metrics Workshop 1:00 PM to 4:45 PM (Limited to 60 participants)

1:00 PM to 1:30 PM 


Ag Metrics Workshop Introduction 


1:30 PM to 2:15 PM 

Sustainable Ag Metrics: From Farmers to CPGs and Retailers

Agriculture supply chain partners are facing increasing regulatory, consumer and investor demand for agriculture metrics and data. This panel will explore the mechanisms, motivations, barriers, and opportunities for sharing sustainability data of interest in agri-food supply chains. 


Michelle Zackin, Walmart

Rebecca Bartels, TIF


2:15 PM to 2:15 PM 


2:30 PM to 2:45 PM 

Networking Break

2:45 PM to 3:45 PM 

Breakout Topic 1: Regenerative Agriculture

Metrics are emerging to monitor progress on regenerative agriculture commitments.  What are these metrics and how are companies planning to use them? 


Greg Bohrer, Walmart

Wayne Honeycutt, Soil Health Institute (SHI)

2:45 PM to 3:45 PM 

Breakout Topic 2: GHG Emissions

How are companies adjusting to the GHG Protocol-Land Use Sector guidelines?  What is still needed to drive harmonized data collection and consistency?  


Ben West, Farmers for Soil Health (FSH) 

2:45 PM to 3:45 PM 

Breakout Topic 3: Nature

The Science Based Targets Network and Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) have released guidance on nature metrics. Can we translate existing farm data to meet these needs or are we asking more from growers? 

3:45 PM to 4:00 PM 

Networking Break

4:00 PM to 4:30 PM 

Presentation of Key Findings and Discussion

4:30 PM to 4:45 PM 

Wrap Up + Dismissal

4:00 PM to 4:30 PM 

Presentation of Key Findings and Discussion

Welcome Activities

3:00 PM to 5:00 PM 

Bike Ride powered by Verogy: Unwind and Network

Embark on a lazy or intermediate (you choose!) bike journey with fellow Summit attendees. Immerse yourself in the scenic beauty of Northwest Arkansas while fostering meaningful connections with fellow members during this leisurely ride along the region’s award-winning trail system. *Participants will be responsible for their own bike rental fees, details coming soon*

5:00 PM to 6:00 PM 

City Hike/Scooter Ride

Meet at Compton Gardens trailhead and join us for a walk through Downtown Bentonville, ending at Bike Rack Brewery

6:00 PM to 8:00 PM 

Welcome Reception at Bike Rack Brewery

Kick off the Summit and craft some connections at Bike Rack Brewery in Bentonville.

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

8:00 AM to 9:00 AM


9:05 AM to 9:10 AM


9:10 AM to 9:25 AM

2023 TSC Insights

9:25 AM to 9:55 AM

Codex Planetarius: Transforming Global Food Production for Sustainability and Resilience

The global production of food has had the largest impact of any human activity on the planet. Jason will share his insights into the paths forward to drive progress faster and at scale. His concept, Codex Planetarius, is a means to agree on key impacts and global performance standards to resolve the long-standing issue of metrics harmonization for global food production. He will also share a novel idea for how to pay for the transformation required to rapidly move the bottom producers who have the largest impacts. These new concepts could redefine the way we address agricultural impacts, end habitat destruction, meet climate reduction targets, and finance the transition to a more sustainable and resilient global food system. 



9:55 AM to 10:25 AM

Working Together for Sustainability: Supplier Engagement Amid Diverse Demands and Systems

Suppliers are being asked to meet many different retailer requests for information in addition to making progress on their own sustainability goals.  During this session, suppliers and retailers will share how they are working together to manage demands for data, information, and impact. 


Jennifer Silberman, Dollar Tree

Deb Ryba, NicePak

10:25 AM to 10:45 AM

THESIS Evolution



10:25 AM to 10:45 AM

THESIS Evolution



10:45 AM to 11:00 AM

Networking Break

11:15 AM to 12:00 PM

Sustainability Leadership Institute: Using systems tools to tap into Scope 3 Strategy

TSC’s Sustainability Leadership Institute (SLI) teaches people how to use system thinking tools to make progress on “wicked problems” and understand the points of leverage that they have to create change in an organization. This session will highlight some of SLI’s most useful tools from the Human Systems Dynamics Institute (HSDI) and demonstrate how to use them on Scope 3 strategy


12:00 PM to 1:00 PM


1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Supply Chain + Sustainability Field Trips (included in your registration, more details coming soon!)


Supply Chain + Sustainability Field Trips (included in your registration, more details coming soon!)


6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

TSC Members' Celebration and Awards

Celebrate the achievements of our outstanding members while enjoying a reception filled with networking, good company, and well-deserved accolades with the backdrop of a stunning art museum. The galleries of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art will be open for private viewing by attendees (see Rosie the Riveter and more!). It’s a time to honor excellence and strengthen connections within our TSC member community – Cheers!  

Thursday, May 2, 2024

8:30 AM to 9:00 AM


Join us for breakfast to hear from our Summit sponsor about the Farmers for Soil Health program and how you can get involved to start purchasing climate smart commodities supported by USDA Climate Smart Commodities funding.  

8:30 AM to 9:00 AM

Retailer Breakfast

Exclusive retailer-only breakfast: TSC retailer attendees are invited to discuss common issues they are facing and opportunities to work together. 

9:35 AM to 9:40 AM

Welcome Day 2

9:40 AM to 10:10 AM


10:10 AM to 10:30 AM

CommodityMap Goes Live!

Experience TSC’s newly released CommodityMap with a live demonstration of key features and learn how you can use this new tool to address your sustainable commodity sourcing questions 

10:30 AM to 11:00 AM

The “S” Word – Unearthing Hidden Sustainability Narratives and Success Stories in Corporate Operations

Explore impactful decision-making in sales, design, and procurement departments, where Sustainability speaks a silent language. 

11:00 AM to 11:15 AM

Networking Break

11:15 AM to 12:15 PM

Breakout 1: Dynamics of Scope 3 GHG Emissions Policy

We will discuss the latest policy requirements regarding Scope 3 (supply chain) GHG emissions disclosure. This will include the latest policy implications from EU and SEC Climate Disclosure policies, and California SB 253. 


Kristina Wyatt, Persefoni

Jacob Madsen, Persefoni

Dr. Daryl Sabourin, ASR  

11:15 AM to 12:15 PM

Breakout 2: Future Forward: Advanced Technology Solutions for Optimizing Data Collection and Driving Transparency

Learn about new technologies that are transforming the way companies approach data collection.  In this session, visualize a showcase of cutting-edge solutions that are poised to disrupt traditional data tools. 

12:30 PM to 1:00 PM



Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art – Bentonville, Arkansas

600 Museum Way, Bentonville, AR 72712

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