The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) is proud to announce a new partnership with Human Systems Dynamics Institute (HSDI) to provide hands-on learning and problem-solving resources for TSC members as a part of TSC’s Sustainability Leadership Institute. The HSDI expert facilitators, Dr. Glenda Eoyang and Lindsey Alexander, have been integral in re-imagining TSC’s business-focused, action-oriented, tools-based Sustainability Leadership Institute program for TSC members.

HSDI builds capacity among individuals, teams, and communities to deal with the complexity of day-to-day existence. In public and private workshops, they guide clients through innovative design, implementation, and assessment cycles to find breakthrough responses to intractable issues.

“I am so excited about the opportunity to work alongside Glenda and Lindsey, whose proven methodology and tools enable decision making and action even in the most uncertain and chaotic circumstances,” said Jennifer Park, Manager, Collective Action at TSC. “This partnership continues our shared work with TSC members in navigating complex systems to transform the consumer goods industry through more sustainable products.”

Glenda Eoyang helps public and private organizations thrive in the face of overwhelming complexity and uncertainty. She is a pioneer in the applications of complexity science to human systems, and she founded the field of human systems dynamics (HSD) in 2001. As founding executive director of the Human Systems Dynamics Institute, she leads a global network of scholar-practitioners who use her models and methods to see patterns in the chaos that surrounds them, understand the patterns in simple and powerful ways, and take practical steps to shift chaos toward coherence.

Lindsey Alexander is a visionary and collaborative leader dedicated to advancing equitable social change. She is an independent consultant with twenty years of experience across civic, government and nonprofit spaces, and excels at building grounded and authentic partnerships, and designing and implementing ambitious initiatives in complex environments. Lindsey is certified in Human Systems Dynamics as well as being a Certified Practitioner in the 6 Teams Conditions and the Team Diagnostic Survey, a valuable tool used to identify the strengths and weaknesses of teams.

TSC will kick off this new partnership with a two-day retreat titled Leading Complex Change in the Face of Crisis in which attendees will work with Human Systems Dynamics Institute staff to:

· Develop their capacity to lead complex change by learning and implementing innovative ideas, tools, and practices

· Take action to tame the biggest challenges faced in leading sustainability

· Engage with other sustainability leaders in connective and collaborative spaces and across systemic boundaries

· Share emerging challenges and promising practices

· Move from systems thinking to systems action

· Cultivate hope, despite the overwhelming, complex challenges facing the sector

For more information about TSC’s Sustainability Leadership Institute, please visit or reach out to Jennifer Park at