The items we consume, which include food, beverage, and agriculture, make up a large percentage of our consumer goods purchases. These are items we rely on daily for our nutrition and consumption for ourselves and our families.

Sustainability issues within these items tend to have similar hotspots: deforestation, biodiversity, labor rights, animal welfare, packaging, and many more. The production of these items directly affect not just the planet, but the people that work to bring these items to a retail store online or near you. 

Click through the food, beverage, and agriculture items below to explore the many sustainability issues present their supply chain. TSC members are working daily to mitigate these hotspots to help us create more sustainable products. In addition, TSC works with global companies to help tackle both food waste and hunger along with our commodity mapping program that uses trade route data to help companies see where their commodities like coffee, beef, and barley originate.

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Our 100+ members are represented by corporations, non-profits, and academic institutions from around the globe.

Members are the foundation of TSC. We work with these organizations to translate complex sustainability issues into innovation and actionable outcomes for the consumer goods industry.