TSC’s Product Finder showcases the products covered through our THESIS assessments that help thousands of companies gain visibility and improvement in the sustainability of their consumer product supply chains. TSC’s science-based methodology covers 600+ consumer products, or about 90% of all products produced that you can purchase as a consumer in a retail store in-person or online.

Each database will let you search for products, and then download our Sustainability Snapshot document to help you understand the major sustainability “hotspots” that exist for that product. 

Our products have been split into 4 databases:

  1. Food, Beverage, and Agriculture: These are agricultural products for preparation and consumption.
  2. Clothing, Footwear and Textiles: These are products that contain natural and synthetic fibers, including clothes, shoes, bags and items covered in textiles.
  3. Home and Personal Care: These are products you use in your home or on your body.
  4. General Merchandise: Broad range of products made from multiple material types, including but not limited to paper, Pulp, and Forestry, Electronics, and Toys.

General Merchandise

Food, Beverage, and Agriculture

Clothing, Footwear, and Textiles

Home and Personal Care

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Our 100+ members are represented by corporations, non-profits, and academic institutions from around the globe.

Members are the foundation of TSC. We work with these organizations to translate complex sustainability issues into innovation and actionable outcomes for the consumer goods industry.