Article from: K•COE ISOM

K·Coe Isom is excited to announce that sustainability advisors Zach Pinto and Lisa Becker have completed the training and testing required to become credentialed as The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) Trained Service Providers for THESIS.

“Many of our clients are being asked to do more to report on and address their performance in terms of sustainability, so we spend a lot of time making sure the sustainability team members are experts on the latest industry reporting protocols,” says Laura Sands, K·Coe Isom partner and sustainability leader.

THESIS reporting, often required by suppliers to some major retailers, is an opportunity for food and ag businesses to demonstrate to their customers, investors, and industry stakeholders that they are contributing to the sustainability priorities of key customers.

“Our trained THESIS experts help assess, report, benchmark, and improve upon the key sustainability outcomes that are measured by THESIS,” adds Sands.

THESIS was developed by The Sustainability Consortium.  Typically, food and agriculture businesses who supply to companies like Walmart, Sam’s Club, Walgreens, Kroger, and Sprouts are asked to report key pieces of sustainability data in the THESIS Index, formerly known as the Walmart Sustainability Index.

K·Coe’s certified sustainability advisors are equipped to help complete requests for THESIS data by:

    • Reviewing Key Performance Indicator (KPI) responses
    • Advising on how to improve THESIS scores and maximize performance
    • Identifying opportunities for market advantages
    • Developing business KPIs to collect sustainability data each year
    • Creating dashboards and data capture systems
    • Setting goals and science-based targets to drive continuous improvement over time

“Our team advises businesses on multiple reporting methodologies,” says Sands. “We recognize that for many of our clients, keeping up with all the reporting requirements is overwhelming, so we do it for them.”

Click here to view a PDF document of K·Coe’s comprehensive sustainability data services.

Should you have questions on THESIS data or scoring, contact a K·Coe sustainability advisor.