Tempe, AZ May 22, 2014 – The Sustainability Consortium® is pleased to announce WSPA as a new member. As the first member organization of The Sustainability Consortium dedicated expressly to animal welfare, WSPA will help move businesses to protect animals by incorporating animal welfare into sustainability practices.

Members of The Consortium collaborate with partners from a variety of sectors to drive innovation in production methods, with the aim of reducing the environmental and social impact of consumer products worldwide. WSPA joins The Sustainability Consortium alongside other influential non-profits and government agencies as well as leading businesses such as Walmart and Campbell’s, to drive transformational change.

WSPA brings a unique voice and distinct perspective to The Consortium, as the only group speaking for animals and their welfare. Our membership enables us to reach a wide range of businesses whose practices have an impact on the welfare of animals and help guide their efforts to bring about positive change.

“Joining The Sustainability Consortium will allow us to make a difference for huge numbers of animals over the long term. We look forward to working with The Consortium and our fellow member organizations to help drive change that protects animals,” said Anne Lieberman, WSPA USA’s Executive Director.

“Animal welfare is a topic that is very important to many of our members. We are excited to have WSPA engaging with us, providing expertise to our working groups,“ said Kara Hurst, CEO of The Sustainability Consortium.