Your Assessments are Waiting for You

Walmart and Sam’s THESIS Campaign LAUNCHED September 3 and will run until November 3

Are you a new Walmart or Sam’s Club Supplier?

Walmart and Sam’s Club require suppliers to have a Reference ID to submit THESIS assessments. 

  1. Navigate to the Project Gigaton Platform and select “Retail Link – Supplier Login” from the menu.
  2. Use your Retail Link credentials to log in. You will then be directed to your Portal account  (Having trouble? Contact Walmart Sustainability Support at
  3. On the dashboard page, you will see information about Project Gigaton, THESIS Index and other initiatives within Walmart.
  4. Look for THESIS under “Other Programs” on the Survey dashboard.
  5. Your Reference ID is located on the THESIS tile.

  6. Once you have your Reference ID, go to THESIS and create an account. Suppliers can input the reference ID in two places: the first is when you are onboarding and selecting which retailers to report to, the second option is for suppliers who may have onboarded without selecting Walmart/Sam’s, and want to add them as a retailer post-onboarding, as described in this support article. 
  7. Select your THESIS assessments
  8. Select the retailers you’d like to send these assessments to be sure to click Walmart and/or Sam’s Club
  9. Purchase your THESIS annual license for $799 US Dollars (TSC Members should have received a voucher code).
  10. Go to the dashboard, click on an assessment and open it to begin responding.

Are you a renewing Walmart or Sam’s Club Supplier?

Returning Walmart/Sam’s users do not need to reinput their Reference ID’s. If you are an existing/returning THESIS user who is a new supplier to Walmart/Sam’s this year, follow the instructions on the left (for new suppliers) on how to find your Reference ID.

  1. Log into your company’s THESIS account (do not create a new one)

  2. Click “Renew” after logging in 

  3. Review your selected retailers and assessments. Make changes as needed. 

  4. Complete your payment or use your TSC Member Voucher to renew your THESIS license. (TSC Members should have received a voucher code).

  5. Go to the dashboard, click on an assessment and open it to begin responding. 

IMPORTANT: If you or a colleague recently logged into your company’s account and skipped the “Renew” button, you can view only your 2023 assessments from your Dashboard. To get started with THESIS 2024, you must click “THESIS” on the left-side menu, then select “Renew”.


Visit the THESIS Support Center to find guidance, resources, and best practices to support you on your THESIS journey. Our THESIS Support team is here to help you get the most out of THESIS and to help you identify, prioritize, and address sustainability impacts in your supply chains. THESIS is designed to be useful at every stage of consumer good supply chain regardless of business type or size.

Questions about a KPI, your account status, navigating the platform, or anything else during your THESIS process? Contact:

“THESIS is instrumental in helping Georgia-Pacific communicate with our retail customers. Answering several different assessments at a time is a drain on our time and resources. THESIS not only makes it easy for us to answer one assessment for multiple retail customers, but the consistency across the questions asked year-to-year also helps us measure our progress.”

Todd Wingfield

Sustainability Director, Georgia-Pacific