The Social Metrics subcommittee has completed the “Principles and Framework for Social Responsibility Reporting” document, which provides a common framework for all social metrics development across TSC. The framework seeks to integrate two major social responsibility reporting schemes, UNEP/SETAC and ISO 26000, and to provide a consistent foundation for all future TSC social metrics.

LCIA Committee: The first iteration of the Impact Bookshelf has been open for comment by all MSWG members, and is now undergoing final revisions. The MSWG will vote on its adoption once those revisions are complete. The final stages for this first Impact bookshelf will be completed with a workshop on toxicity, to be hosted during the fall of 2011.

ITST: We received 3 proposals for the LCA model ontology project. The team is now working to select a winning proposal, and work will begin once the project plan has been finalized with the contract recipient.