Project partners are China Environmental United Certification Center and Tianjin Green Supply Chain Service Center

BEIJING, CHINA – The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) signed a memorandum of understanding in late summer with China Environmental United Certification Center (CEC) and Tianjin Green Supply Chain Service Center (TGCC) to initiate a collaborative project to develop and promote sustainable and green supply chains.

“China endeavors to be an ecological and environmental nation, and one important area of focus is the development of green supply chains. At this critical point, it is an important opportunity to bring in international experience,” commented by Euan Murray, the Chief Operating Officer of TSC.

Based on the agreement, the three parties will contribute to this project through a participatory approach. TSC will bring in research findings and good practice in the domain of sustainable development, particularly on product sustainability measurement and reporting. CEC will help localize TSC research output within a Chinese context and provide data support based on years of experiences on environmental labeling and green supply chain management. TGCC will promote implementation of pilot industry/enterprise, and lead a positive demonstration with the opportunity and platform of APEC green supply chain network.

Wei Dong Zhou, TSC Managing Director of Greater China said, “TSC values the cooperation among multiple stakeholders such as government, enterprise, and more, to jointly explore the localization work of TSC sustainability toolkits and products, in order to facilitate the upgrading of green supply chain more effectively.”

A significant output from this cooperative project will be the Green Procurement Tool with pilot implementation. The tool will be based on scientific methodologies of life cycle analysis and supply chain management, but also refer to China national and local regulations/guidelines on public and business procurement. The output will be practical toolkits, manual, and more to help buyers (local government or purchasing companies) evaluate the product sustainability from various suppliers.

In addition, the project will also conduct a capacity building program at enterprise level to drive sustainable development, including trainings, forums, best practices, and more. The three parties will also host a high-level sustainable supply chain summit with relevant stakeholders in October 2015 to enhance project awareness and impact.

About The Sustainability Consortium
TSC is an organization of diverse global participants that work collaboratively to build a scientific foundation that drives innovation to improve consumer product sustainability. TSC convenes these diverse stakeholders to work collaboratively to build science-based decision tools that address sustainability issues that are materially important throughout a product’s supply chain and lifecycle. TSC boasts over 100 members from manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, service providers, NGOs, civil society organizations, governmental agencies and academics.

About China Environmental United Certification Center
CEC is a non-profit organization supporting nation-wide environmental protection, by providing third-party certification in the domain of environmental protection, as well as developing and promoting China Environmental Labeling products. The Ministry of Environment Protection (MEP) is the owner of the patented eco-label identified as the China Environmental Labeling in China, and authorized CEC to manage and operate the China Environmental Labeling Program, which includes the right to use and sublicense use of the China Environmental Labeling. Furthermore, CEC is the first Clean Development Mechanism Designated Operation Entity (CDM-DOE) in China approved and granted by UNFCCC Clean Development Mechanism Executive Board (CDM-EB), to carry out greenhouse gas validation and verification, carbon emissions verification, energy auditing and low carbon products certification, etc. CEC is also a comprehensive certification entity focusing on Environmental Management System, Organic Products, Quality Management System and Occupational Health and Safety Management System, etc.

About Tianjin Green Supply Chain Service Center
TGCC is the first marketization comprehensive service platform of green supply chain management in China. As the major achievement of CCICED green supply chain management policy demonstration program, TGCC plays the role of providing market services on behalf of APEC Cooperation Network on Green Supply Chain Tianjin Pilot Center, which is to develop “one-stop” services on green supply chain in Tianjin, promote green identification, green credit rating, green procurement, green trade and green financial development, and organize to establish related market service platforms.