On March 22, TSC and Walmart representatives were treated to an extensive tour of the Georgia Pacific Dixie Paper Plate Manufacturing Facility in Fort Smith. The management team at the facility led the tour around a clean and efficient facility that produces paper plates in a wide variety of sizes and design patterns.

We also received an extensive briefing of the sustainability practices, both the environmental and social measures in place, which Georgia Pacific prides itself on when producing these mass quantities of paper plates. They also have onsite facilities for testing the quality of the products to ensure any issues are caught in a timely manner and are corrected immediately. The TSC team gained useful insights into their current work on researching Disposable Paper Food and Drink Containers. We thank the entire on-site team at the Ft. Smith facility for their hospitality and are appreciate John Mulcahy, co-chair of the TSC Paper, Pulp, and Forestry Working Group, for organizing the tour.