Research staff from TSC were invited to participate at the 6th International Conference on Industrial Ecology in Berkeley, CA on June 7-10.

Dr. Greg Thoma chaired a session on Food and Agricultural Systems.

Vee Subramanian, who is a doctoral researcher with Home and Personal Care Sector, presented the following oral and poster presentations:

Oral Presentations:
Assessing Sensitivity of Variations in Product Formulations: A Case Study of Laundry Detergents
Vee Subramanian, Eric Williams, Lizette Bonvin, Joby Carlson and Jay Golden

Stakeholder Driven PCR Development to Accelerate Industry-Wide Life Cycle Management of Product Supply Chains: The Case of Home & Personal Care Products
Vee Subramanian, Georg Schoener, Joby
Carlson and Kevin Dooley

Poster Presentation:
Patching Data Gaps Through Expert Elicitation: The Case of Laundry Detergents
Vee Subramanian, Eric Williams, Joby Carlson, Jay Golden

Additional Presentations:
Energy and Carbon Dioxide impacts from lean logistics and retailing: A discrete-event simulation approach for the consumer goods industry – Marco Ugarte