NYDF released new report summarizing the progress companies have made on deforestation commitments in agricultural commodities. The report focuses on progress around four commodities linked to deforestation globally: palm oil, soy, cattle, and wood products.

Commitments to eliminate deforestation in these commodities is up 43% compared to last year, yet commitments range widely making comparisons difficult. Commodity specific commitments for palm oil and wood are common but much fewer commit to goals in cattle and soy and companies depend on certification as a measurement of progress. Though most companies have traceability systems few trace back to the production level. This is consistent with TSC’s KPI data where more than 50% of all KPI responses had no data to report in 2015. However, as TSC KPIs are utilized by more retailers the ability to report should improve over time.

TSC was an official NYDF Assessment Coalition partner alongside CDP, EDF, WRI and others who helped shape the assessment criteria. Data from company responses to TSC deforestation KPIs as well as personal interviews with TSC member companies were used to inform the assessment. “This report is the most detailed summary to date on current corporate actions to eliminate deforestation related to consumer goods. TSC was happy to contribute our KPI data and our member’s stories to this effort.- Dr. Christy Slay, Research Director”

Ruetgers news article.

View the report here.