From Wednesday, September 14 to Friday, September 16, The Sustainability Consortium gathered at the University of Arkansas to discuss deliverables, research, and strategy. It was a great time for our team to connect and move forward in our work.

ASU Academic Director Kevin Dooley presented the SMRS design project charter, Harvard’s Greg Norris walked the team through Earthster integration and the vision of the SMRS, and TSC Research Director Greg Thoma presented a 12-month technology plan. Marketing Coordinator Jon Nicol and Designer Giada Mannino shared recent marketing growth and future plans, and hosted a TSC branding brainstorm with the staff. The team also kicked off Friday’s meetings with a creative team builder!

Much more was discussed over the three days, and every member of the team left the meeting energized with clear deliverables and objectives. TSC will be hosting a meeting of the Board of Directors in early October, and a Corporate Advisory Council meeting in 2012.

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