Starting Wednesday, the entire team at The Sustainability Consortium will be assembling in the new Arkansas offices for three days of planning, discussion, and training.

So why do we call our meetings “confabs,” anyway? The word “confabulation” comes from the Latin “confabulari,” which means “to talk.” One of our values here at TSC is open communication and meaningful dialogue. As you may know, our team is split between a few universities. We are operating out of Arizona State University, the University of Arkansas, and Wageningen UR in the Netherlands (our newest addition). We place high importance on our team coming together to confabulate and move the work of The Consortium forward.

These meetings don’t happen often, but when they do we make the most of it. This week we will be discussing and making decisions about the SMRS project and vision, 12-Month technology plan, Earthster integration, marketing plan, financial strategy, and more. We expect a lot from our team, and look forward to delivering results that will increase our momentum in the coming months.