FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – Triple Bottom Line Commodities, an elite network of large-scale growers of corn, wheat, soybeans, beef, pork, dairy and eco-ethanol, has joined The Sustainability Consortium, an independent organization that provides decision makers and policymakers with a broader understanding of how new and innovative organizational strategies and technologies can assist in meeting various environmental, economic and social objectives. The Consortium is co-administered by the University of Arkansas and Arizona State University.

“Our growers are very interested in staying ahead of the curve,” said Sara Hessenflow Harper, project director and spokesperson for the group. “TBL members are creating a business niche that understands, influences and facilitates the sustainability measurement needs of food processors and retailers while adding value to growers.”

“Learning, connecting and contributing grower perspective are the primary reasons for joining The Sustainability Consortium,” Harper said. “We recognize that there are numerous emerging private market drivers for defining, measuring and implementing sustainability policies. Our members stand ready to facilitate the needs of this market and to contribute their direct experience in measuring success through the triple bottom line on food and fuel production.”

TBL Commodities likes the science-based focus that The Sustainability Consortium has adopted as it develops a sustainability measurement system that is useful for retailers and understandable to consumers.

“Our growers want to play a critical role in helping meet the needs of processors and retailers as they respond to increasing concerns about supply-chain security and consumer interest on sustainability issues,” said Harper. “We believe joining The Sustainability Consortium is one of the best means for meeting this goal.”

Though agricultural sustainability is often linked to smaller, local growers, the larger scale growers who are focusing on sustainability are able to bring an expanded vision and scale to sustainability issues – particularly in the areas of precision technology, conservation farming and employee/community benefits.

“TBL Commodities members are dedicated to striving for continuous learning, adaptation and improvement of our sustainability performance by embracing technological breakthroughs, system efficiencies and an ethic of community support,” said Harper.

“We are thrilled to have Triple Bottom Line Commodities as a part of The Sustainability Consortium,” said Sarah Lewis, manager of the Food, Beverage and Agriculture Working Group for The Sustainability Consortium. “It is essential to have the producer perspective at the table in the development of the Sustainability Measurement and Reporting System. Producers play an essential role in agricultural supply chains, and having expertise from producers, such as those with TBL, will open the door for identifying opportunities for innovation in minimizing the impacts of products on social and environmental systems. Together we can make great strides toward creating consistent, scientific and transparent metrics for product sustainability.”

For more information on TBL Commodities, please visit their website: www.TBLcommodities.com