Our key performance indicators are the gateway to evaluating environmental and social impacts to create more sustainable products for a more sustainable planet. THESIS Key Performance Indicators are interactive tools that highlight environmental and social issues relevant to a product category, practices that can be used to drive improvement on those issues, and key performance indicators (KPIs) to track and measure performance against these issues.


Explore sustainability profiles

With more than 100 product categories, our sustainability profiles provide a summary of the best available, credible and actionable knowledge about the sustainability of that product.


Perform self-assessments

Use our key performance indicators to find out where your opportunities are for improvement within your consumer product supply chain.

Communicate with buying teams

Our key performance indicators create simple and measurable year-over-year data to help with the buyer/supplier communication.


The key performance indicator sets are designed to facilitate decision-making by retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers along the value chain, with an emphasis on impact and improving product sustainability. The key performance indicators are science-based and stakeholder-informed, including input by companies, academics, civil society organizations, and government agencies.

Category Sustainability Profiles

Stay informed with category profiles: Get details of the hotspots, sustainability issues, improvement opportunities, and key performance indicators for a product category. Available to TSC members and licensees, profiles also list referenced scientific sources, term definitions, and resources that can help in responding to the KPIs.

Key Performance Indicators

Measure performance and sustainability with KPIs: Each toolkit consists of a questionnaire, related documentation, and a scoring model to determine the final score. The scorecard questions come directly from the key performance indicators (KPIs) and relevant to a specific product category.

Sustainability Snapshots

Communicate with buying teams: Sustainability Snapshots provide a top line overview of the issues and opportunities for each category written for a general audience.


TSC offers a suite of tools and services to support organizations in their mission to develop, manufacture and sell more sustainable consumer products. THESIS license is available to TSC members and licensees. These products may be purchased at a very reasonable price individually or as a package. 

IMPORTANT! This is not a license for THESIS on SupplyShift and cannot be used to share assessment results with retail customers. To activate your THESIS license on SupplyShift, click here to create or log into your company account.


TSC Supply Chain Diagrams are graphic representations of product life cycles that reveal key hotspots and improvement opportunities. The diagram highlights KPIs that can be used to track supplier performance and drive impact. Three product categories have been selected to demonstrate the application of the diagrams in a wide variety of sectors: chicken, laundry detergent, and household paper.


Access to THESIS content via the Member Portal and via a licensing arrangement with SupplyShift are benefits of TSC membership. Non-members can purchase a THESIS license for $699 USD.  Want to first learn more about how THESIS can help you specifically?





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