The Toy Industry Association (TIA), the not-for-profit trade association for producers and importers of toys and youth entertainment products sold in North America, has announced its membership with The Sustainability Consortium (TSC), an independent organization of diverse global participants working to design and implement credible, transparent and scalable science-based measurement and reporting systems accessible for all producers and users of consumer products.

TIA has long-considered environmental sustainability to be a top industry priority. The Association’s Environmental Mission Statement, approved in 1999, confirms the commitment of TIA’s members to protecting the environment and their consideration of the environmental impact of their products and activities while continuing to provide safe, quality merchandise that meets customer and consumer needs. TIA’s Environmental Sustainability Committee has worked collaboratively with NGOs and retailers to help protect the environment by addressing the environmental aspects of products in order to reduce waste and promote recycling.

As a Tier 2 member and part of The Consortium’s Toy Sector Working Group, the Association will work alongside several of its member companies and other toy industry stakeholders, including Disney and Walmart, to help advance sustainable developments. The toy industry will also benefit from Consortium research activities that facilitate understanding and informed decision-making among consumer, supply chain, scientific and regulatory communities.

During a meeting in Hong Kong in early January, Toy Sector Working Group members reviewed the industry’s sustainability developments and efforts, how these efforts are being used in practice today, and expectations of where further alignment may be required. The meeting concluded with a development of action plans and a proposed roadmap of activities to address common issues spanning the product life cycle.

“As part of the Toy Sector Working Group, we plan to explore several areas from plant-based plastics to packaging reduction,” said Alan Kaufman, SVP of Technical Affairs at TIA. “TIA will keep our members updated and represent our industry in this prestigious multi-stakeholder forum. We also look forward to working alongside TIA member organizations as co-members of the Working Group.”