The Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology, or SIK, has joined The Sustainability Consortium (TSC). The organization is an industrial research institute owned by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden and has a number of strategic alliances and collaborative ventures with national and international knowledge centres. SIK works to enhance food companies competitiveness.

Sustainable Food Production is the largest business domain at SIK and the contributing part to TSC. SIK has several of the leading international life cycle assessment specialists in the food sector and access to a number of the world’s foremost LCA specialists in the area.

SIK´s research is at the very forefront internationally, providing customers with access to a network of recognised LCA experts. The current areas of research include:

• Climate impact of food production and consumption as well as the development of simplified methods for carbon footprint calculations for food.
• Continued development and adaptation of LCA methodology to food (e.g. fishery, land use changes and pesticide use/toxicity).
• Development of LCA methodology to evaluate changes in technology and production in the food industry and in the food chain.