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TEMPE, Ariz., – April 25, 2012 – The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) is pleased to welcome The Sustainability Consortium Office in Chile, or The Chilean Hub, during its inaugural Latin American event on April 24th.

Following the globalization strategy proposed by The Consortium that supported the establishment of its European office in 2011, TSC has defined a strategy for Latin America to address the sustainability opportunities in the region. The Chilean Hub, the first of its kind, embodies the official representation of this global initiative in Latin America. This hub is the result of a joint strategic effort between TSC and long-time international members Fundación Chile and Walmart Chile.

The demonstrated research capabilities of Fundación Chile, as well as its continuous collaboration with Walmart Chile and the retailer’s supporting supplier base, have been instrumental in the development of TSC’s Sustainability and Measurement Reporting Systems (SMRS). The Chilean Hub’s objective is to increase research capacity by incorporating local sustainability knowledge and best practices. At the same time, the Hub will advance the alliance with leading universities in the country, in order to provide quality and transparency in the research being conducted.

Along with creating synergy among local stakeholders, the Chilean Hub will provide the framework for supplemental operations in Brazil and Mexico.

“Fundación Chile and other partnering Chilean organizations bring significant expertise to our efforts,” said Kevin Dooley, Academic Director at The Sustainability Consortium. “We are looking forward to working with our new partners to expand TSC’s work on product sustainability, especially around agricultural products.”

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The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) is an independent organization of diverse global participants that work collaboratively to build a scientific foundation that drives innovation to improve consumer product sustainability. TSC develops transparent methodologies, tools, and strategies to drive a new generation of products and supply networks that address environmental, social, and economic imperatives. The Sustainability Consortium advocates for a credible, scalable, and transparent process and system. The organization boasts over 75 members from all corners of business employing over 57 million people and whose combined revenues total over $1.5 Trillion. Arizona State University and the University of Arkansas jointly administer The Sustainability Consortium, with additional operations at Wageningen University in The Netherlands. Learn more at / Follow us on Twitter @TSC_news

About Fundación Chile

Fundación Chile is a private non-profit corporation, with a mission to introduce high impact innovations and empower human capital, to increase Chile’s competitiveness, by promoting and developing the economy via technology transfer in alliance with local and global knowledge networks.  Fundación Chile seeks to promote sustainability as a relevant factor of differentiation and competitiveness by supporting the implementation of initiatives that boost innovation, efficiency, and value creation. Learn more at


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