Cold Water Saves Campaign

The American Cleaning Institute (ACI), in conjunction with The Sustainability Consortium (TSC), is launching the “Cold Water Saves” Campaign on the campus of North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC from November 9 to 11. The campaign will educate students on the benefits of laundering their clothing in cold water.

“Cold water laundering is good for your clothes, good for the Earth, and good for your wallet,” says Nancy Bock, ACI Senior Vice President, Education. “Many people don’t realize that they can effectively launder most of their clothing and fabrics in cold water.”

Research conducted in 2015 for the American Cleaning Institute by research firm YouGov found that 57 percent of college students had not previously heard specific messaging about the benefits of cold water washing. And after hearing about those benefits, that same survey showed 63 percent of students would be somewhat or much more likely to launder using cold water in the future.

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