“TSC has so many moving parts that everyone has a critical role to play. We each have a big impact on the organization. I genuinely believe that.”

What is your role at The Sustainability Consortium (TSC)?
My role is focused on international growth such as European growth strategy and China’s strategy and launch. I build a sustainable business model by diversifying our revenue sources, delivering the right products and services to our members and handling other innovations in our proposition. I create strategic alliances and partnerships for TSC and work in the Retail and Measurement Sciences Consortium Working Groups.

What does your day-to-day look like?
My day-to-day changes depending on the projects I have going on. Most of the days entail meetings, calls and webinars with colleagues and other people I am working with. On the communications side I pull together presentations for board meetings, work on groups conferences and other external presentations.

What is your favorite part of your role at TSC?
The variety. I’m lucky that I get to focus on lots of different opportunities. Things are changing so rapidly and I enjoy the changes.

What is one wish you have for your line of business in the future?
TSC is a very new organization but I would like us to be further ahead. We are working to solve sustainability challenges that get harder to fix every day and every second counts.

In your words, how is TSC different then other similar initiatives?
Three things: we are in the sweet spot. We are science-based but our work is practical for companies to implement. That aspect is what drives real sustainable change and I don’t think anyone else has cracked this yet. Second, we have a global vision and global reach. Supply chains are global, sustainability is a global issue and many of our companies are global. Lastly, our network of member companies, universities, non-profits, experts and staff that gives the organization the scale where we can succeed. These three things together add up to impact. I think everyone at TSC gets out of bed in the morning and says we are going to make things happen. This is what sets TSC apart.

What is one thing that the people at TSC don’t know about you?
We work with a lot of big companies and we think about how what we do applies to the farm but not many people know what the farm is like. I will be taking a week off of work to be a midwife for sheep on the farm. I know all about what it is to be on the farm.