In anticipation of the fast-approaching E-Scrap 2016 conference in New Orleans, we’re offering a series of snapshots of some of the e-scrap experts who will be gracing the conference stage.

In this installment, we chat with Carole Mars, research manager at The Sustainability Consortium, a global organization that aims to improve the sustainability aspects of consumer products. She will be part of an session called “Deconstructing Design,” which will offer thoughts on how electronics can be manufactured to keep end-of-life in mind.

E-Scrap Conference: The Sustainability Consortium operates as a unique partnership of stakeholders. What is your role?

Carole Mars: The Sustainability Consortium creates science-based tools that identify issues and opportunities in consumer goods supply chains and enable buyers and suppliers to communicate about how they are addressing these issues to make products that are environmentally and socially sustainable. My area of responsibility is the durable goods supply chains, with a personal interest in the electronics industry.

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