We are happy to announce that Bonnie Nixon has accepted the position of Executive Director of The Sustainability Consortium. She will begin transitioning next week, and will be attending the upcoming Board of Directors meeting April 11-12. The Board and staff are glad to have Bonnie on the team and look forward to her leadership. We also wish to give thanks to the Governance Task Force, Search Committee, Board of Directors, and the external search firm Egon Zehnder, as this successful outcome was clearly the result of much hard work. Bonnie’s bio is below.

Ms. Bonnie Nixon

As Director of Environmental Sustainability at HP, Ms Nixon managed the vision, strategy, marketing, messaging, employee engagement and stakeholder relations program. As Director of Ethical Sourcing at HP, Bonnie implemented the world’s largest and most complex electronic ethical and sustainable supply chain program for 10 years. More than $50B went through HP’s supply chain and Ms. Nixon was responsible for building a solid business case and constructively engaging thousands of global suppliers on environmental, health, safety, ethical and labor practices. In 2009 and 2010, Bonnie took HP to #1 and #2 on Newsweek’s Greenest Companies in America.

Ms. Nixon was a key driver in a common industry code of conduct and a set of complimentary tools and processes as a founder and Board Member of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC). Bonnie works hard to harmonize standards and create convergence for efficiencies. Ms. Nixon serves on many multi-industry consortiums including global retailers, footwear and apparel, toy, pharmaceutical, chemical, automotive, consumer goods and mining. Bonnie has been a positive and powerful spokesperson for Hewlett Packard and the Corporate Sector over the last 13 years and is well respected among industry peers, investors, the global governmental sector and non-governmental organizations including environmental and human rights activists.

Prior to HP, Bonnie owned an Environmental Planning and Communications Firm, Circlepoint. At Circlepoint, Ms. Nixon managed more than 200 public and private sector projects with business, community and agencies. Bonnie is highly skilled in multi-stakeholder dialogue, facilitating complex negotiations and mediating environmental disputes. At Circlepoint, she led business development and marketing, IT, human resources and operations for a multi-million dollar company. Ms. Nixon brings extensive experience both at Circlepoint and at HP managing contractors and consultancies. Having owned a 65 person company, Bonnie understands all the intricacies of running an organization including administration, legal, finance, IT and marketing.

Today Bonnie is a Resident Scholar at Stanford University & regularly lectures at UC Berkeley, Presidio’s Sustainability MBA, California College of Arts and for Dominican’s Green MBA Program. She was named one of Sustainable Industries “20 Leading Green Executives in 2008” and “one of 10 nationwide women making strides in sustainability” in the Green Economy Post. Ms. Nixon is also the Chairwoman of Sustainable Silicon Valley and serves on the Board of Directors for Blue Planet Network.

Prior to Circlepoint, Bonnie managed public outreach and environmental mediation for the Boston Harbor Cleanup Project and began her career in the environment when she was a part of student government at Three Mile Island at Pennsylvania State University.