The Sustainability Consortium is pleased to welcome Dr. Stella Papasavva as our new Manager for the Measurement Sciences Working Group. Dr. Papasavva will lead the group from TSC’s offices at the University of Arkansas.

Stella worked as an independent environmental consultant on a paid UNEP (United Nations Environmental Program) contract to study the sustainability metrics for phasing HCFC chemicals in the developing counties. Stella also worked as a senior researcher in the Sustainability group at General Motors R&D Center and as a global group leader in various technical committees, directing the development of automotive standards.

Stella has conducted Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) research on a wide range of automotive technologies including, Well-to-Wheels for new generation powertrain-fuels in China, fuel cell materials and hydrogen storage media, automotive paint materials and processes. She has also developed analytical methods for assessing the ecological and economic impacts of toxic substances in the environment. Stella has researched extensively the environmental impacts of alternative refrigerants and has directed the development of the global LCA model GREEN-MAC-LCCP©. For the development of this model she received the USEPA Climate Protection Award in 2008, and as a runner-up the Society of Automotive Engineers Environmental Excellence in Transportation Award (E2T) in 2009.

Dr. Papasavva has received an Interdisciplinary PhD in Physical Chemistry and International Environmental Policy from Tufts University 1997, a M.A from the Energy & Environmental Studies Program at Boston University, a M.S in Physics from Northeastern University and a B.S in Physics. Stella has more than 40 peer-reviewed publications and over 100 technical presentations.