Moy Wind Farm

New Moy wind farm in Scotland will power the equivalent of all Mars U.K. factories and offices

The energy it takes to make MARS® bars, WHISKAS® cat food, EXTRA® gum and UNCLE BEN’S® rice in the U.K. is now provided by a new wind farm in Moy, Scotland. Through a partnership with Eneco U.K., the 20-turbine wind farm, located just south of Inverness in the Scottish Highlands, will generate electricity equivalent to what powers all 12 Mars U.K. sites solely with renewable energy.

This means we’re one step closer to decreasing our dependency on fossil fuels and reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. As a fourth generation business, we’re committed to ensuring our business and the communities in which we work are healthy and vibrant for generations to come. We achieved our goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from our operations by 25% in 2015, and continue to work towards eliminating them entirely.

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