The Product Category Baseline Model and Product Category Rules for laundry detergent products is under internal review. This unit process based “Cradle to Grave” life cycle model covers the complete life cycle of a market typical laundry detergent manufactured, bought, used and disposed of in the United States.

The model is built upon the best available process data, market research and industry practices that are currently available and transparent to the public. In the process of developing the model performance indicators and drivers were also developed. These “product differentiators” along with additional rules for primary data collection will be included in the Product Category Rules (PCR) document. After undergoing internal review by the Product Committees the Model and PCR will be released to a qualified expert stakeholder group for final review before being made available to the public later this year. This process insures the technical quality and credibility of the model that will serve as the quantitative basis for all product reporting in the category of “laundry detergents” under the TSC’s SMRS Framework. The other Home and Personal Care Sector’s Product Committees are also working on similar baseline models and Product Category Rules for showering products and hard surface cleaners. These will begin internal review in the coming months.