We’ve been busy at work moving the Level 2 SMRS process forward. Here’s an update on recent activity in the working group:

Prototype Voting
Balloting is underway on all three of the FB&A Sector prototype categories. Members: please give your feedback so we can keep the review process moving forward.

SPI Taskforces
Four new taskforces were established to help identify Sustainability Performance Indicators (SPIs) specific to each area of the supply chain. Producer and Retailer Taskforce meetings will start the week of July 25th, and Agribusiness and Manufacturer Taskforces will meet next week.

SMRS Overview
On July 1 Joby Carlson provided an SMRS Overview to explain the difference between Levels 1 and 2, and to introduce the Category Sustainability Profiles (CSPs) that will be the result of the Level 1 process.

FBA at Sustainable Food Lab
Sarah Lewis took part in the Sustainable Food Lab conference the last week of June. It was very beneficial in helping make connections to those in the agricultural community and to identify ways to increase producer engagement in TSC work. A summary of the conference will be posted for members later this week.

The next FBA Sector Update Meeting is scheduled for July 27, at 10am CST.