Level 2 SMRS Prototype Ballots

The Food, Beverage & Agriculture Sector has moved the PCLCA and PCR prototype documents for the three product categories to the next stage of the Level 2 SMRS process; external review panel. Everyone, the Product Committees, especially, put a lot of time into reviewing, commenting, providing information, reviewing member comments, connecting staff to experts, attending calls, presenting at meetings, and sharing ideas. A big thank you to all those involved.

FB&A Update Webinar

The FB&A Sector hosted an update webinar to share information about the Level 2 prototyping process, inviting producer groups and NGOs to participate in FB&A, as well as an update on Level 1 CSP development and project planning. Emphasis was placed on where members can get involved and how they will be able to participate in the development of CSPs.

Level 1 SMRS Member Survey for Product Category Information

To develop dossiers for Level 1 SMRS work, the sector will be focusing on the top five FB&A products (beef, cotton towels, wheat cereal, strawberry yogurt, coffee). The Level 1 SMRS synthesizes existing research and knowledge around a product category and helps to communicate this in a standardized format and language providing a tool for buyer/supplier conversations. The Level 1 SMRS is a hypothesis of what the hotspots are for a product category, the commonly identified solutions for addressing those hotspots, and recognized consumer hot buttons associated with a product category. The output for the Level 1 SMRS is a Category Sustainability Profile (CSP). In order to create this CSP, TSC will use a wiki-style discussion board to build a dossier of information for a product category.

For more information please contact Sarah Lewis.