Greenfield, IN – August 2014 – Elanco Animal Health has joined The Sustainability Consortium® (TSC®) as a new member of the Food, Beverage, and Agriculture Working Group.

Elanco is a global innovation-driven company that develops and markets products to improve animal health and food animal production in more than 75 countries. Elanco employs more than 3,000 people worldwide, with offices in more than 40 countries, and is a division of Eli Lilly and Company, a leading global pharmaceutical corporation.

The Sustainability Consortium is an independent global non-profit organization working at the intersection of science and business to drive more sustainable consumer products. TSC is science-based and stakeholder-informed, with nearly 100 members from corporations, civil society and NGOs working collaboratively to create transparent tools, methodologies and strategies for product and supply networks that address environmental, social and economic imperatives.

Through innovative products, quality systems and a shared vision, Elanco strives daily to enhance animal health and well-being and therefore, enrich the lives of people worldwide. This also means accepting responsibility for food security for communities—and, ultimately, for the world.

Elanco envisions a world where 9 billion people have enough to eat, but more specifically they have access to quality calories to be healthy, active and strong. Elanco will work to make food more secure for a sustainable development.

Globally, Elanco is developing the technology and sharing the knowledge needed to feed the growing population in a resource efficient way. Locally, Elanco is finding solutions to food security through community partnerships and initiatives to create awareness and increase engagement. Personally, Elanco employees donate their time and talents to break the cycle of hunger in their communities.

Concentrating on breaking the cycle of hunger and food in-security empowers Elanco employees and partners to make the greatest impact globally and locally.

As part of the TSC Food, Beverage, and Agriculture (FBA) working group, Elanco will engage with corporations, civil-society organizations, academics and government agencies from around the world. The FBA working group is the largest and oldest working group at TSC. To date, TSC has developed business tools for 110 consumer product categories, including many in the FBA sector.

“We are delighted to have Elanco as valuable members of the FBA Sector working group,” said Dr. Sarah Lewis, TSC Managing Director of Research and Integration. “They bring scientific and industry expertise that will contribute to the development of useful tools that enable business to take action on important sustainability issues across the industry.”

For more information about Elanco and the company’s commitment to food security please visit and