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TEMPE, ARIZ., -January 10, 2013- The Sustainability Consortium, an independent global organization developing science-based tools that advance the measurement and reporting of consumer product sustainability, is pleased to announce the addition of CCF Brands to its growing membership roster.

Based in Rogers, Arkansas, CCF Brands is a consumer packaged goods company providing industry-leading solutions in the production and consumption of eggs under its Great Day Farms label. CCF Brands will participate in the Food, Beverage and Agriculture Sector Working Group, which is The Sustainability Consortium’s largest and oldest sector.

“Being the first egg producer to join The Sustainability Consortium puts us at the forefront of bringing change to the way our industry produces, packages and transports a food that is enjoyed by most everyone,” said Gabrielle Bartlett, CCF Brands Director of Sustainability. Bartlett said CCF Brands is built upon the innovations made possible by the egg. “We’re about improving lives by providing quality food products. With this partnership, we’ll discover and create even more efficiencies in the food supply chain, and that means everyone benefits.”

Over 40 percent of the product categories covered by the Sustainability Measurement and Reporting System in 2012 belong to the Food, Beverage, and Agriculture Sector. “The Consortium is excited to welcome CCF brands. We admire their commitment to quality products and look forward to collaborating with them in the FBA Sector Working Group,” said Dr. Sarah E. Lewis, Working Group Director for The Sustainability Consortium.

CCF Brand’s own sustainability practices include using 100% recycled or reclaimed paper for its pulp egg cartons; using 40% recycled materials in its foam cartons; and using only corrugated cases certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative in its egg shell business. This recycled packaging is aligned with the recent expansion of The Sustainability Consortium’s Paper Sector to include pulp and forestry products.

In the first half of 2013, the company will introduce a supplier development program that will encourage sustainability practices. CCF Brands will also set GHG emission targets in 2013 with a goal of reducing all emissions, including supply chain emissions. During its 15 years of business, CCF Brands has received numerous accolades, including Walmart Supplier of the Year and multiple Supplier of the Quarter awards. Walmart is one of the first TSC members to create a pilot using The Consortium’s Key Performance Indicators to create supplier surveys.

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