ARIZONA, USA – November 5, 2013 –
The Sustainability Consortium® is thrilled to announce the newest member to the Food, Beverage, and Agriculture and Packaging Sector Working Groups, Carvajal Empaques. Carvajal Empaques specializes in designing, manufacturing, and distributing extensive packaging solutions for agriculture, industry, and food services. Carvajal Empaques is known for their ongoing commitment to the preservation of the earth through the advancement of cleaner production processes, ecological use of natural resources, and an overall progression in environmental culture.

Carvajal Empaques is a multinational company based in Colombia and is comprised of 10 production facilities in Latin America. They are part of over 5,000 collaborators and serve areas in Central America, Mexico, South America, United States, and the Caribbean. Their production facilities have been recognized for their packaging and certified by ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

“Having Carvajal Empaques join our working groups brings a unique South and Latin American perspective, which is very valuable to our process. Having regional input about social and environmental opportunities brings creditability and application to our knowledge products,” said Sarah Lewis, Working Group Director at TSC®.

Carvajal Empaques focuses on utilizing foam and rigid plastics, paper, and metal in the packaging lines of food service, mass consumption, and industrial market. Inviting a comprehensive group of clients, Carvajal Empaques caters to a wide dimension of businesses with their extensive and multi-use packaging lines, which include a variety of packaging that are both strong and resistant, as well as environmentally sound.

“Our vision is to consolidate our company as a multinational leader in Latin America and be the provider of choice for products and services, based on terms of sustainability, fulfilling values and principles of our organization,” said Sandro Borda, Managing Director for Peru and Chile.

Media Contact:
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The Sustainability Consortium
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