I’m thrilled when groups such as the Product Carbon Footprint World Forum broaden their scope to more environmental impact categories. This forum used to focus solely on carbon, but this fall the theme of their annual summit in Berlin is “Environmental Footprinting in Europe and Beyond: How will it Shape the Corporate Agenda?”

At the summit, The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) will present how environmental and other sustainability aspects will be addressed in its worldwide Sustainability Measurement and Reporting System. TSC has adopted the GHG Protocol and aligns its work with the French Grenelle project, both of which will also present at the summit.

TSC is building on the GHG Protocol for product categories to create a system that compares “apples to apples.” The impact bookshelf by TSC includes many impact categories and therefore goes way beyond carbon footprinting.

As a TSC member, I’m excited to work on a reporting system that comprehensively addresses environmental and other impacts, and I look forward to sharing this work at the upcoming summit in Berlin.


Georg Schöner