THESIS 2022 is Live

Your Assessments are Waiting for You

Ahold Delhaize USA Campaign deadline has been extended to November 4th

We encourage you to log into The Sustainability Insight System (THESIS) to get started on your assessments for Ahold Delhaize USA as soon as possible! You can purchase your THESIS 2022 license, complete assessments, and share assessments early with Ahold Delhaize USA and other retailers.

THESIS 2022 Close Date








You still have time to submit your assessments!

Make sure to select Ahold Delhaize USA when submitting your assessments!

Today, 12 retailers use THESIS to

1) inform and track progress towards their sustainability goals,

2) identify which suppliers lead and lag in sustainability performance,

3) identify those who need help and those with advanced sustainability practices,

4) Understand where there is a need to create tools and resources to help suppliers advance in areas of improvement.

      If you are new to THESIS:

      1. Go to THESIS and create an account

      2. Select your THESIS assessments

      3. Select your retailer(s) you’d like to send these assessments – be sure to click Ahold Delhaize USA

      4. Purchase your THESIS 2022 annual license for $699 US Dollars (Free for TSC members)

      If you are a returning THESIS user:

      1. Log into your company’s THESIS account (do not create a new one)

      2. Click Renew after logging in*

      3. Review your selected assessments and buyers. Make changes as needed.

      4. Complete payment to renew your THESIS license

      5. Go to your Dashboard and click on an assessment to open it.

      *Important! If you or a colleague recently logged into your company’s account and skipped the Renew button, you can view only your 2021 assessments from your Dashboard. To get started with THESIS 2022, you must click “THESIS” on the left-side menu, then select “Renew”.

      Email TSC Help Desk with questions:

      THESIS scores have improved 38% since the baseline year of 2016.

      We’re excited to see your continued dedication to creating sustainable products reflected in your upcoming 2022 THESIS results.

      Whether you need help with the platform or guidance on how to use your results to make the biggest impact, we are here to support you.

      “Best tool PepsiCo has to move the business and the only one worth using. Far and away

      Tim Carey


      “THESIS is instrumental in helping Georgia-Pacific communicate with our retail customers. Answering several different assessments at a time is a drain on our time and resources. THESIS not only makes it easy for us to answer one assessment for multiple retail customers, but the consistency across the questions asked year-to-year also helps us measure our progress.”

      Todd Wingfield

      Sustainability Director, Georgia-Pacific

      THESIS Help Center available!

      TSC’s THESIS Impact team offers many resources to answer questions and provide help for THESIS assessments. See a full list of THESIS Support Office Hours here.

      THESIS Help Center is our living library of short, self-guided videos covering a broad range of support topics.

      Mandarin and Spanish subtitles available.

      Password: thesis

      New for THESIS 2022

      Record-breaking retailer participation in THESIS 2022

      • Ahold Delhaize
      • USA Brands
      • Sam’s Club
      • Staples Inc.
      • Tractor Supply Company
      • Wakefern Food Corporation
      • Walgreens USA
      • Walgreens Boots Alliance
      • Walmart
      • Woolworths Group Limited

      Two New THESIS Assessments

      • Animal Feed: For companies supplying animal feed for livestock, poultry, and fish composed of multiple ingredients derived from plants and animals.
      • Riding Mowers and Garden Tractors: For companies supplying gas-powered or electric-powered zero-turn-radius mowers, garden tractors and riding mowers.

      Enhanced content and alignment

      • KPIs were enhanced for clarity purposes and updated to reflect alignment with other organizations to reduce reporting burdens.

      TSC Data Impact team will deliver

      • Portfolio risks and opportunities to THESIS users. 
      • New questions on Scope 1, 2, 3 GHG Goals, sustainability priorities and barriers to action. 
      • Analysis by company industry/size/geographies.

      Easier access to full KPI information on scorecards

      Retained historical information for returning users

      Did you know?

      For 45% of THESIS users, THESIS is the only external reporting of their sustainability performance they do. Over 80% of THESIS users reporting data to us do not disclose carbon or other data to CDP.