THESIS Supplier Case Study:

RG Barry Brands


R.G. Barry Corporation, known as RG Barry Brands, is a developer and marketer of footwear, handbags, and accessories.  RG Barry manages a family of female-founded brands, mainly Dearfoams and Baggallini, and is passionate about crafting products to make life easier, more comfortable, and more stylish.

Commitment to Sustainability

RG Barry works to promote sustainable, environmentally healthy business practices by identifying and sharing practical, innovative conservation methods; adopting appropriate environmental policies; and encouraging all of its team members, vendors and customers to incorporate green practices into their lives. They promote sustainable business practices by identifying and sharing innovative methods, offering policy recommendations, and encouraging team members to incorporate green practices wherever possible. Through recommendations of the ENERGY STAR program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy, they have taken steps such as: replacing light bulbs at their facilities with more efficient bulbs that use half the energy; installing motion detectors to control room lighting; installing new, energy-saving HVAC and hot water units; and replacing computers with more energy-efficient models. They also encourage suppliers to: reduce excess packaging and to use recycled, nontoxic materials; to follow guidelines that will prevent the future depletion of natural resources; and to ensure the use of safe materials in manufacturing.

THESIS Assessments Results

Baby Footwear:

88%, Rank 1/5

Children's Footwear:

89%, rank 1/14

Men's Footwear:

92%, rank 1/12

Women's Footwear:

91%, rank 1/14


RG Barry Brands is an active participant in the THESIS Index, using their assessment scores to encourage their suppliers to reduce excess packaging and to use recycled, nontoxic materials. As leaders in the footwear assessments, they are leading the way in creating sustainable, environmentally healthy business practices and communicating their progress to retail customers.


    Using THESIS

    • Their outcome from their THESIS assessment is used to communicate sustainability progress in their assessment category to retail customers like Walmart and Sam’s Club
    • RG Barry uses THESIS to track energy efficiency in their facilities, including investing in replacing outdated technology with more energy-efficient models
    • The company uses THESIS to track reduction of excess packaging and to ensure the use of safe, nontoxic materials during manufacturing

    RG Barry has been working with The Sustainability Consortium for years now, and they have been a tremendous partner in our sustainability initiatives and in reducing our environmental footprint. We are committed to tracking and measuring our progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, and solid waste, and their THESIS assessments have been instrumental in these efforts.

    Lee Smith

    Strategy and Innovation • Footwear, RG Barry

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