THESIS Supplier Case Study:



Lenovo is a multinational technology company that focuses on computers, tablets, smartphones, workstations, servers and electronic storage devices. Along with driving meaningful sustainability improvements across all of their portfolio projects, they have an environmentally conscious products (ECP) program embedded into their technology development and culture.

Commitment to Sustainability

In 2020, Lenovo will focus on product energy efficiency, green packaging, and environmentally preferred materials. Lenovo has made recent progress on the use of closed-loop post-consumer recycled content plastics. They work with resin suppliers to source materials from the used IT and electronics waste stream. By doing this, they are able to close the loop on their products’ lifecycle. Additionally, they are retaining a supply chain of minerals for Lenovo hardware products that are responsibly and ethically sourced by collaborating with direct suppliers, industry associations and companies down the global supply chain. As a signatory of the UNGC, Lenovo commits to support the Ten Principles, including the goals to undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility, encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies, and the elimination of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation. Lenovo’s emission reduction targets have been assessed and approved as science-based by Science Based Targets initiative on June 30, 2020.

 THESIS Assessments Results


To have THESIS scores reflect Lenovo’s commitment to climate change, energy efficiency, product materials, packaging and other important hotspot areas within the electronics and computer categories.



    • Managing the environmental impacts of Lenovo products through THESIS enables the company to integrate these practices and learnings into the development of new products.
    • Learning about the sustainable impacts of their products helps Lenovo add value by minimizing the risk of harm to their customers and the environment.
    • THESIS helps Lenovo meet corporate goals and communicate their performance to retailer customers and partners.
    • THESIS is a tool that allows Lenovo to communicate meaningful performance assessments to consumers to help them make well-informed decisions based on facts.
    • THESIS helps Lenovo set new goals by giving the company a view on what’s important to address in their supply chain.

    “The THESIS Index is an excellent opportunity for Lenovo to measure our progress against our retailer customer expectations and it helps inform our strategy as a valuable source of stakeholder input. It provides a very clear way for us to measure and report back internally as to what our retailer partners find important and where we are doing well or can do better. It also provides a platform for balanced assessment across a broad range of sustainability attributes, allowing our retailer partners to more easily evaluate performance. We are also seeing a desire from customers and investors for meaningful fact-based measurements for other aspects of corporate performance in this area, and THESIS is one such tool we can use to communicate our progress.”

    Mary Jacques

    SESM & Director Global Environmental Affairs & Sustainability, Lenovo